Leather Restoration

For many vehicle owners, leather seats are a must-have amenity. Their soft, comfortable feel and luxurious appearance can enhance any driving experience. However, to keep them looking new, leather seats and surfaces require routine care and maintenance. That’s why Detailing Devils have optimized the leather seat restoration service for all their leather restoration needs.

Many off-the-shelf leather conditioners can leave an unwanted oily residue after application. Detailing Rider’ exclusive leather restoration is safe for vehicles both old and new and is specially formulated to restore leather seats and surfaces to a deep rich luster and soft feel.

The sun and heat can wreak havoc on leather seats. Over time, exposure to these elements can lead to cracks and fading. Detailing Devils Leather Nano Armor is designed to keep leather seats looking new while preventing unsightly changes to color and texture.

One application of Detailing Rider Leather Nano Armor can last for a very long time, ensuring that your vehicle’s seats and surfaces look and feel their best from season to season. This means you can spend more time enjoying your ride while avoiding the hassle of regular upkeep.

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