Skin Restoration

Detailing Rider’ ‘skin restoration’ service has been developed to eradicate stubborn impure contaminants from a vehicle’s surface and restore its factory finish and appearance through a step by step process.

It is a 5 step process under which we target surface level harms like scratches, swirl marks and clear coat haze or those scratches that have gone through the painted surface. For scratch removal, we utilize specialized equipment and effective paint blending to attack the problem and restore the surface to its factory-delivered lustre. Whether it’s a damage from a wash, scrubber or a scratch on your door, fender or even bumper, this service tackles all of them. Detailing Rider’ skin restoration service has been specifically developed to combat extreme paint related shortcomings on a car’s surface. It addresses visible surface impurities that are difficult to remove like tree sap, road tar  and also removes unwanted contaminants that are not easily visible with the aim of restoring their factory finish.

After undergoing skin restoration process, vehicles exhibit a fine, sleek and smooth finish and can further undergo protective coating process.

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