Wheel Restoration

Nothing’s worse than those damaged wheels on your vehicle while the rest of it looks fine. Mud, dirt and grime can stick up to the surface of wheels and give them a worn-out appearance. But through the wheel restoration service, we can restore them for you. Furthermore, it’s possible to clean the wheels and restore them to a completely new look.

Wheels are more prone to losing their shine and get damaged by roadside chemicals, salts, brake-dust, tire sealants, or other external elements.

Under Wheel Restoration service, we make use of our best wheel restoration & protection product- the Wheel Nano Armor to bring back the lost charm of dilapidated wheels especially the alloy wheels.

The car wheels are first sprayed with a wheel cleaner to remove contaminant settled on its surface and once they are completely cleaned, we coat them with the Wheel Nano Armor which ensures that wheels are able to withstand dirt, mud and sludge.

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